Flow in the Farm at The Farm Shed

Last Saturday, The Farm Shed played host to Flow in the Farm by the girls behind Flow Retreats – Denise Bernardo, Monica Eleazar, and Noelle Hilario. The event had a weekend bazaar as well as activities you could register to join throughout the day, and there was a little something for everyone, from capoeira for kids to Waldorf doll making classes for people interested in crafts. Needless to say, everyone was pretty excited. This was The Farm Shed’s first official event, and we were all giddy to be sharing the fam experience with our visitors for that day.




Romel, our Farm Supervisor, was busy getting the ready for the crowd that Saturday. Here’s one of our new kalabaws, Hugs, getting a nice wash after wallowing in the mud pit for most of the morning.




Gringo, our black pot-bellied pig, was looking all fresh that morning, too! This little guy is the sweetest and loves interacting with people, especially if you said people have food like carrots and lettuce leaves they want to feed him.




Our bunny enclosure was filled with sleepy bunnies, a favorite among the little humans. They were also probably the most overfed that day since all the children wanted to pet and cuddle with a soft ball of fluff, plying them with carrot sticks.




Flow in the Farm offered interesting talks, bootcamps, wellness classes, and farm-centered activities that involved working up a sweat and maybe getting a tad bit dirty. Registration was open as early as 9am, and there were quite a few people who showed up early to attend the yoga classes and talk on bulletproof coffee.




Yogini, Imee Contreras, led a Mindful Yoga class which was well attended. She gave a short talk on what hatha yoga was and how we can incorporate that into our daily lives which I found quite insightful.




To get the blood pumping, there was a zumba class led by dvk Hawaii which looked like a lot of fun.




Inside the shed were booths filled with clothing, soaps, candles, jewelry, and of course, food! We set up a booth at the corner that sold infused water, fresh juices, carabao milk, and snacks, along with some of our more popular items at the Farmer’s Market Store like our Red Currant Tomato Sauce, Koobo Bukid-Bred Eggs, and Raw Wild Honey.




There were tables and benches set up outside on the ‘porch’ for people to eat and rest, but my favorite spot was by the bales of hay underneath two big trees.






The Acacia Waldorf School kids had their own booth, efficiently selling and decorating cupcakes like absolute pros! They were probably the only booth that had to close up early because they were out of things to sell – over three dozen cupcakes wiped out in a little under an hour.






While some of the other kids were busy selling cupcakes, the others were out playing around the farm – climbing trees, running about exploring the land, and enjoying our newest installation: the Swing Zipline!




Our co-founders, Hindy and Mel, gave a talk on making over your pantry. Little tips and tricks they learned from years and years of living holistically, their advice should be common sense if you think about it – like avoiding the use of aluminum pans and switching to stainless steel or ceramic instead so you aren’t poisoning the food and yourself – but since we’re just so used to having these modern conventions in our everyday lives, we don’t realize that some of them are more harmful than helpful.




A very popular (and colorful!) workshop at Flow in the Farm was the Shibori Tie Dyeing, where participants were given their own piece of fabric to design and dip in indigo which resulted in some very pretty patterns.




Everyone worked so hard to make Flow in the Farm a success, and at the end of the day we were exhausted but happy that it turned out the way it did. People left with smiles on their faces and memories of the fun they had at the farm and The Farm Shed, and that’s all we could ever ask for, really. ‘Til the next!