Pinay & Proud Summit 2016

Hello to our lovely readers! I am Bernie Belgrado, Holy Carabao’s Community Manager. For this newsroom feature, I will share with you the happenings of a one-day event we were invited to, where our Holy Carabao’s founders were awarded for being advocates of Holistic Farming!

Our founders, Hindy and Mel, were awardees for Human Heart Nature’s Pinay and Proud Summit 2016 along with other inspiring ladies of our country. This was a day where the guests speakers and awardees shared their stories of goodness, beauty and inspiration to the women and youth present in the event.




The first speaker was Ms. Sabrina Ongkiko who shared meaningful stories of her experience teaching in public school. What was striking in her speech was that she said that her role as a public teacher is to sacrifice. She explained that the etymology of the term sacrifice is ‘to make holy’. Teacher Sabs further explains that to make holy means to mend broken things to make them whole or complete. It’s what Holy Carabao hopes to do too! 🙂



Ms. Sabs shows a picture of one of her favorite class section; the lowest section of the grade in the school.


After Ms. Sabs’ speech, the panel discussion commenced with Hindy and Mel along with Ms. Sabs and World Youth Alliance’s Executive Director, Ms. Aliah Cimafranca. One of the topics discussed were the idea of ‘adulting’. Mel shared her experience of working in her family business right after college. She says that ‘adulting’ just happens when you least expect it. With an optimistic tone, Mel says that you have to just go with it, start early and not waste time. Hindy added, that adulting is when you realize that it’s not about growing up, it’s about growing out of yourself and involving yourself in something bigger than you.



Some of the Pinay & Proud 2016 Summit first group of awardees


Other keynote speakers include Ms. Lim, founder of Anthill and broadcaster Ms. Kara David. Ms. Lim shares that giving them her employees a sense of ownership is the major cause of the success of the enterprise. Ms. Kara David added that malasakit is the term that motivates her in her cause. It means to share the pain and passion of others. This, to her, is crucial for growth and success.



Photo taken from Human Heart Nature’s Facebook page. From L-R: Ms. Xilca Alvarez, Issa Cuevas-Santos, Anya Lim, Anna Oposa, Sabrina Ongkiko, Anna Meloto-Wilk with our very own Hindy and Mel



Photo taken from Human Heart Nature’s Facebook Page. From (L-R): Renowned Journalist and Broadcaster Ms. Kara David, Prima Ballerina Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, gold medalist swimmer Akiko Thomson-Guevarra, and Acclaimed TV and events director Maria V. Montelibano.


Some of the students of Raya School attended the event to support their founder Ms. Ani Almario. Raya is a school that focuses teaching children to love reading, science and country. Raya is also the founding school of Adarna House, the country’s first and largest publisher of educational children’s books!




Co-founder of Human Heart Nature’s Mr. David Wilk gave his final remarks by saying that the Filipina women are the most loving people he has ever met. He experienced this first-hand from his wife, president of Human Heart Nature Ms. Anne Meloto-Wilk, when he exchanged his comfortable life in England for a more fulfilling life in the Philippines.



Photo taken from Human Heart Nature’s Facebook Page. “I think that’s one of our superpowers as women, we love even when it hurts,” says Ms. Anna Meloto-Wilk Co-Founder of Human Heart Nature


Filipinas are definitely women with a big heart for their contribution to nature, sports, arts, culture and people! The honoraries not only inspire others to achieve greatness in their fields but they also serve as perfect examples of being Filipina and proud.

Congratulations on the well-deserved award, Hindy and Mel!