About Us


Hindy Weber, Co-Founder

A mom to four amazing kids, Hindy took up Communication Arts at Ateneo de Manila before pursuing her passion for fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology. After working as a fashion designer (15 years and counting), getting married to a supportive husband, and having children, Hindy founded Holy Carabao in 2007 simply because she wanted to bring home better food to her family. After involving herself in various farming, nutrition, healing, education, and movement workshops, she started growing food in their backyard. Harvests became more plentiful, and she began sharing the extra produce with friends and family, and soon after, decided to sell via door-to-door delivery. Follow her on Instagram @hindyweber to catch up on her life as an active Waldorf co-parent, day-to-day goings on at the farm, healthy recipes, style tips and her love for slow travel.

Sustainable Living Tip: Know Your Farmer!



Melanie Teng-Go, Co-Founder

Mom to two wonderful boys, and a beautiful Alaskan Malamute named Gaia, Mel was educated at the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication, studied to become an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist at the Institute of Building Biology and Ecology, and also has a Certificate in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems from Tufts University. After working in the family corporation for over 15 years, Mel joined Hindy in establishing Holy Carabao in 2013 when her family had access to farm land - and the magic all started from there. As they say, if you have land (no matter how small) and you're not growing food, you're part of the problem. Mel is enthusiastic in sharing that Holy Carabao since this is where her interests, strengths, and values meet when addressing many issues of our time. Always moving, this Go-getter learned how to bullet journal two years back, and she’s hooked! It’s an excellent way to stay creative! Follow her adventures on Instagram at @melanietgo.

Sustainable Living Tip: Keep asking why!


Annaline De Villa, Sales and Distribution Manager

Lhynn, to everyone at Holy Carabao, is quite the character and always a barrel of laughs. She believes that love is a four-legged word, and is a happy owner of an adopted half-Belgian Collie named Cotton. Being Holy Carabao’s first employee, this multitasker dons many hats – costing, inventory, purchasing, payroll, events, logistics, and order taking for home deliveries. Working at Holy Carabao has opened windows and doors for Lhynn, and with the opportunities paired with hard work, one of her proudest achievements is becoming a homeowner at the age of 28 - what she calls her “Katas ng Kalabaw.” Occasionally, Lhynn surprises her coworkers with home-cooked dishes. She loves experimenting with pasta and coming up with seafood recipes. Similar to her idol, local rockstar chef JP Anglo, Lhynn wants to put her creativity in the kitchen to good use and hopes to open her own restaurant soon.